Boynton on Netflix’s Artful Ghost Story, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Actress Lucy Boynton on Netflix’s Artful Ghost Story, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

If you’re looking for a scare this Hallo-weekend that’s a little more nuanced than something with “chainsaw” or “massacre” in the title, Netflix has you covered. The streaming giant’s latest original movie, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, is like an “artful ghost story” according to one of its leads, actress Lucy Boynton.

“Everyone had kind of labeled it as a horror film, but it’s much more than that,” says Boynton, who shares the screen with The Affair’s Ruth Wilson. “It takes a look at the existence of ghosts in a deeper, more emotional way.” Think spooky, rather than slasher (but still just as jumpy).

The film follows Lily, a nurse (Ruth Wilson) who moves into a remote country home to take care of Iris, an elderly woman that is also a best-selling author of ghost stories (Paula Prentiss). The twist? The house has a pretty scary story of its own—and that’s where Boynton comes in. “I play Polly Parsons, a character from one of Iris’ books,” says Boyton. “But it turns out that Polly also once lived in the house that Iris and Lily are living in now. And without giving too much away, they realize that her spirit has never really left.”

Even though Boynton has logged her fair share of time on supernatural movie sets (she has another thriller called The Blackcoat’s Daughter in the pipeline), she says she still scares easily when the cameras aren’t rolling. “This was one of those eerie, dark sets,” she says. “Sometimes it would feel completely normal and then sometimes you would come back from lunch and see a wall smeared with fake blood. I would be like, ‘Guys, really?’ I used to sort of avoid watching horror movies, but with this film and others like Rosemary’s Baby or Don’t Look Now, I’ve learned that it can be more about a human experience that turns horrific, rather than empty violence and slashes. I’ve definitely found the beauty in it.”

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‘Sing Street’s Lucy Boynton Cast In ‘Gypsy’ Netflix Drama

Sing Street star Lucy Boynton has been cast in a key role opposite Naomi Watts in Netflix’s upcoming drama series Gypsy.

The series follows the journey of Jean Holloway (Watts), a therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients’ lives. Boynton will play Allison, a 19-year-old patient of Jean’s (Watts). She has recently dropped out of school to support her addiction and is hiding this secret from her mother.

Boynton, who received critical praise for her performance as the aspiring model in Raphina John Carney’s Sundance buzz title Sing Street, will next be seen in Osgood Perkin’s I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House, which recently premiered at Toronto, and Danny Strong’s Rebel in the Rye, opposite Nicholas Hoult and Kevin Spacey. Boynton also was recently cast in Fox’s re-imagining of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, to be directed by Kenneth Branagh. She’s repped by CAA and United Agents.

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New Project Movie: “Murder On The Orient Express”

Studio has announced that Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, Michael Pena and Judi Dench will join the picture in supporting roles. Studio’s release is included under Deadline’s original scoop on Johnny Depp.

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Depp is in talks to star for director Kenneth Branagh in the Murder On The Orient Express remake. This comes after Angelina Jolie stepped out. The pic is moving fast: Depp will star with Branagh, who’ll play detective Hercule Poirot in a script that Blade Runner 2 scribe Michael Green adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel. Steve Asbell overseeing the production for Fox.

The film is based on one of Christie’s best-known books. First published in 1934, the novel tells of the intrigue that begins after an American businessman is murdered aboard the famed train. Poirot tries to unravel the whodunit. Branagh will produce with Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg and Mark Gordon. Michael Schaefer and Aditya Sood will also produce in some capacity. James Prichard, the author’s great grandson and chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd., and Hilary Strong, CEO at Agatha Christie Ltd., will executive produce.

UTA reps Depp.

An all-star cast, led by Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Daisy Ridley, is joining director Kenneth Branagh on 20th Century Fox’s new feature film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s acclaimed mystery Murder on the Orient Express, it was announced today by TCF president Emma Watts.

In addition to directing the film, Branagh, a five-time Academy Award®-nominee, will star as detective Hercule Poirot. Depp portrays Ratchett; Pfeiffer is Mrs. Hubbard and Ridley plays Mary Debenham.

Oscar winner Judi Dench portrays Princess Dragomiroff, while Lucy Boynton is Countess Andrenyi. Tom Bateman plays Bouc, acclaimed stage actor and Tony winner Derek Jacobi portrays Masterman, Michael Peņa is Marquez, and Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. plays Doctor Arbuthnot. The ensemble is nearly complete, but there are still a few key roles left to cast.

Murder on the Orient Express begins production in November, in London.

Commented Kenneth Branagh: “Christie’s ‘Murder’ is mysterious, compelling and unsettling. I’m honoured to have this fantastic group of actors bring these dark materials to life for a new audience”.

Ridley Scott (The Martian), Simon Kinberg (The Martian, X-Men: Days of Future Past), Mark Gordon (Steve Jobs) and Branagh will produce the film. Michael Schaefer, Aditya Sood and Judy Hofflund will also produce. Michael Green (Blade Runner 2) wrote the screenplay, with Steve Asbell overseeing the production for Fox.

Agatha Christie’s novel, published in 1934, is considered one of the most ingenious stories ever devised. It revolves around a murder onboard the famous train, and Belgian detective Hercule Poirot must solve the case – but there are a number of passengers who could potentially be the murderer.

James Prichard and Hilary Strong, both of Agatha Christie Ltd., will executive produce.

Prichard commented: “It is always thrilling for us to see the stellar casting that Agatha Christie film adaptations attract. It is fantastic to have Kenneth Branagh at the helm of this new adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express and we are extremely excited about the cast he is bringing aboard”

Source: Deadline

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